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Issue 40:  Collectors Assemble
Issue 40: Collectors Assemble
May 16, 2012


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Show Notes:

The MArvelicious crew discuss Avengers and toys!

We've been reviewing the figures, the Squinkies, the statues, and even singing songs in anticipation of the film's release.  And what a release it was!  The film has lived up to the hype, shattering box office records and satisfying audiences and critics alike.

Now on this issue of Marvelicious Toys Marjorie, Arnie, and Justin are joined by a crew of Marvel fans and collectors:  Marvelicious Podcast Enhancer Berent, our Photo Editor Geof, Timely Review segment host Jerry, and long time Marvel collector and fan Dan Curto!  The group get together to discuss the action figures, mini-busts, Hot Toys, and impulse buys that the film has inspired them to buy!  

And when you get a group of friends together right after seeing this awesome film we can't help but also share our thoughts on the film, so listen to this issue of the Marvelicious Toys podcast and then come to our forums and let us know what you thought of the film!

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