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New Podcast - Marvelicious Toys Issue 185: Messin' With HASCON
Venganza Media Inc, September 29, 2017

Hosted by Justin Kozisek, Arnie Carvalho, and Marjorie Carvalho
Video by Daryl Whitlow

HASCON — it was Hasbro’s first attempt at running their own convention. But now it’s Hasbro’s game…Hasbro’s rules. What is a convention like without any vendor booths? What do you do at a Hasbro-con? And what does Flo Rida have to do with all this?

On this issue of Marvelicious Toys Arnie reports first-hand from Hascon, held in Providence, RI. He got to meet James Gunn, he got the exclusive figures, and he is here to tell you if HASCON ’18 should be a “must do” for you! Plus he also has an interview with the Hasbro Marvel brand team!

And next up–New York Comic-Con! The hosts run down the exclusives and prepare for that big event!

All this and plus a brewing rumble between Arnie and Justin in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite in this episode of Marvelicious Toys!
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