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Arnie / thearniec – Producer, Co-Host

Podcasting since 2005, Arnie has been host of Star Wars Action News and Now Playing, and now brings his podcasting experience to Marvelicious Toys.  With a love of Marvel that goes back to the 1970s Arnie primarily collects the Hasbro lines of toys, plus Kotobukia statues, Sideshow statues, and has every Marvel Hot Toy character released.  He also has been known to be "The Cooler", buying toys for outrageous prices just to have them show up in stores nationwide at much cheaper prices.

Marjorie / margiec – Co-Host

M.A.R.J.O.R.I.E. - Devoted wife of Arnie "The Cooler" Zola, Marjorie found her fate forever changed when Arnie determined she'd best serve him as a bio-engineered “living computer” who could organize and keep track of his ever-expanding toy collection.  Subjecting her to extensive physical and mental enhancement procedures, he rechristened her with the code-name M.A.R.J.O.R.I.E. ("Mentally Accelerated Researcher, Job-Oriented in Reasoning, Intelligence, and Efficiency").  Marjorie instead turned on her husband, slaying his toy store contacts, and declaring herself Squinkicist Supreme.  She bides her time, waiting for the day when Arnie drops his guard, and M.A.R.J.O.R.I.E. ("Mechanically Augmented Reaper of Justice and Obliteration through Radically Intensive Electroshock therapy") will have her revenge...

Justin / justkozy – Co-Host, Photographer, Graphic Designer

As the third head of the tri-host beast known as Marvelicious, Justin spends his days toiling in Photoshop and his nights roaming the toy aisles of Walmart stores. He draws much of his power directly from The Cooler himself and scores his bounty unequivocally once The Cooler has cleared the scene. Justin scoops up Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends by the armful and sometimes treads into Hot Toys territory. 

Jason / Darth Prime – Webmaster & Programmer

Jason is very much a behind the scenes work horse for Venganza Media, Inc.  Somewhat versed in Marvel lore, his favorite characters are Spider-Man and Iron Man.  During the peak of his comic figure collecting he was heavily into Marvel Legends and the Build-A-Figure concept.  While not collecting now, he lusts after Hot Toys offerings in the Marvel Universe and contemplates getting Gentle Giant mini-busts to compliment his Star Wars collection.

Berent / BerentLawton – Video Editor

As a Cosmic Being, Berent sees all but is frequently too late to pick up the Marvel Universe figures he needs.  He possesses the innate ability to achieve virtually any effect desired, except acceptance on the high prices of toys these days. Augmenting podcasts, time and space manipulation, and an infinite resolve to get the damn thing done already.

Geof / Geof7609 – Graphic Designer

One of the oldest living beings in the Marveliciousverse, Geof manipulates Cosmic Energy for a variety of effects, including Crop, Exposure, Saturation, and Contrast.  Having failed in his attempt to wrest the Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos of Titan, he constructed the Infinity Digitus Medius, and is not afraid to use it.

Andrew / Harrison – Video Editor

A late-comer to Marvel fandom, Andrew's main interests in the Marvel universe are the movies and TV shows. He joined the Marvelicious Toys team in 2012 as a podcast enhancer and finds great satisfaction knowing that the long hours spent editing in the Danger Room bring some visual humor for those who watch the show.

Josh / . – Video Editor

Josh loved comics at an early age. One day at a local grocery store he noticed a type of comic he had never seen before. It was shiny, like chrome. It had the X-Men on it. Wolverine had only one hand! Magneto and Rogue hung together in the upper corner, begging you to find out what happened after Xavier passed and the world turned to crystal. He HAD to know what happened.This was the Age of Apocalypse and is what brought Josh into the world of Marvel. Josh uses his mutant abilities to assemble pictures and audio into a audio/visual smorgasbord of Marvelicious proportions! 

Curtis / C2-D2 – Photo Editor

Curtis' MARVEL knowledge stretched far and wide, as a a former comic book collector and toy biz fan.    Currently dabbling in Hot Toys, and collecting via the Metric Gigabytes of photos the Marvelicious team generates.  

Daryl / creature – Video Editor

Irradiated by countless computers, TVs and mobile devices, Daryl uses his new found powers to manipulate pictures and video into a moving juggernaut of podcast enhancements.  He is also known to stalk the aisles looking for the newest miniaturized versions of Mini-Mates and LEGO.  

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