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Greetings true believers! Want to keep up with the Marvelicious Toys crew and get all your Marvel collecting news sent straight to you? Well you are in luck as the Marvelicious Toys podcast is produced and delivered in two forms you can subscribe to; Audio and Video

Use the insturctions below to subscribe to the feed of your choice.

Subscribing to podcasts is quite easy when using any podcast aggregator software, including iTunes! Download one of these popular podcast aggregator programs:

When the software asks, point to the feed of your choice.

Audio Feed

The audio feed contains the audio only version of the podcast available as MP3s.

For the regular MP3 feed, use this address:
You can also find the audio podcast on iTunes.

Video Feed

In addition to our regular audio content, the video shows will enable us to have dynamic, moving pictures and, when the item warrants it, video recordings adding a totally new, dynamic element to our shows.

For the regular video feed, use this address:
You can also find the video podcast on iTunes.

These video podcasts now replace our "enhanced" podcast which were iTunes only. So now you can watch our dynamic content on your favorite device and format. For more information about Venganza Media's move to video content please read the Venganza Media Gazette.

If you are watching an "enhanced" show produced prior to 2014 in iTunes, see our Enhanced Podcast FAQ.