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This gift exchange is open to all registered members of the Marvelicious Toys Forums. If you are a newer member or infrequent poster, we reserve the right to decline your participation in the gift exchange upon a review.

You MUST have a valid e-mail addresse in the forum profile. Some people's PMs bounce e-mails and it makes those people impossible to reach. So the e-mail address you use MUST match the e-mail address on your forum profile. This is mandatory as this is the easiest way to contact Secret Santas and partners as needed.


The target price for these gifts is $20 (USD). THIS IS BEFORE SHIPPING. So the total you will spend is the target price of the gift PLUS whatever amount it costs you to ship the package. There is no maximum, but no one should expect that their Santa will go over.

Try to swap with something your partner might actually want. We don't need to be sending all the pegwarmers around - give those to Toys For Tots. Also if sending a carded/packaged collectible try to send one that hasn't been stomped on and thrown across the aisles.

Please, please, please keep the gifts age appropriate and in good taste. Do not be shipping liquor to those who are under the age of 21. Also do not sent food.

Deadbeats: if you do not fulfill your obligations as a participant in the gift exchange, you will be subject to banning/expulsion.

Please use the affilate links found on our home page when shopping with a thrid party vendor such as Amazon, Brian's Toys, Sideshow Collectibles, etc.


Wish lists are required. There is more information about wish lists included on the signup form. However some basic tips follow.

If you can make a list of say five items, it would help your Santa decide what to buy. You can also put in things that you like or general ideas of what you would like. Putting two words (ie: blue and cars) WILL NOT help you. If anything your wish list will give your Santa an idea of something youíd like, not the exact thing. Half the fun is the surprise!

Of course the list shouldn't contain all rare items. Be realistic. Your chances of getting a Sideshow Premium Format Figure is pretty slim to none.

You can also specify if you are willing to accept a handmade item. No food items please - its just easier for everybody that way.


You are responsible for keeping track of the important dates to know.

It is your responsibility to ensure your target gets a gift from you in a timely manner. This means not only sending a package to your target, but re-sending it if it never makes it there. It's rare that it happens, but it does happen.

You will be REQUIRED to get tracking and/or insurance and submit that information to us. This is so we can guarantee that you have shipped it and know when it has arrived. There is no "I forgot to get it." There is no "I didn't know how to get it." And there is no "I didn't know where to send my tracking info." The only exceptions are A: if you're shipping internationally and despite your best efforts, you have not been able to find a way to track your package, or B: you're using a third-party seller to ship directly to your target (ie, Amazon) and there is no shipping option that will allow tracking. If either of these are the case, you must let us know as early as possible.

As has been said before, the cost of shipping does NOT count as part of the $10. This is additional, please ensure that you plan accordingly.

You are allowed to send stuff via a third party (Amazon, Brian's Toys, and other popular websites). If you do this, order confirmation information may be supplied to supplement tracking information.

If you get an item via eBay be aware of the various shipping times of eBay sellers. We've had some Santa's get tripped up by slow eBay transactions. If your target is okay with it, you can share their address with a third party to have their item shipped directly to them.

Remember the shipping deadline. Should your shipment not reach itís destination, YOU are responsible for replacing it. You get ONE chance to redeem yourself, and if you fail to (in the exception of severe crisis in your life) you will be considered a Deadbeat Santa.

Remember, the fun in this is that itís completely anonymous until the package arrives! (So no spilling the beans before hand.)

If you are moving or for any reason MAY not be at the address, pick an address where you will guaranteed get the package.

I highly recommend you start looking into tracking options NOW. The earlier you know, the better. I highly recommend sending by UPS, FedEx, or using some kind of signature receipt. These all help ensure that the package gets to your target and not just to their area post office.


You will obviously be allotted extra time for your packages to arrive, but you do need to have them in the mail and on the way by the shipping deadline, same as everyone else please! If you can provide tracking/customs info please do so.


We have a web based signup form you can use to join the gift exchange.

The gender and age specification on the form will help your Santa in picking out an appropriate gift and are not used as a sort criteria. When specifying an international address please use your analogs for state, zip code, etc. Also pay special attention to the "shipping considerations".

After the signup deadline but before the match deadline, an official participant thread will appear on the forum to confirm your participation.


Aside from the entry from, we will require the following from you:

  1. Once you ship your package we will need your tracking information
  2. Once you receive your package, sending us a confirmation that you received it

A basic rule is that no news is good news from the gift exchange organizers. If we have any problems with your entry form or participation we will contact you. Occasionally we may send out reminders of important dates as they approach or other communication as either an email, forum post, or via Facebook.

Communication on your part is a good thing. If you're running late or having a tracking issue and are keeping us filled in about it, we are going to work with you a lot better than if we just don't hear anything from you. Stay in touch with our Ughnaughts. Our deadlines are strict, but we're not unreasonable, but you've got to talk to us EARLY. If you tell us three days too late, you're still three days too late.

So communicate, communicate, communicate!

If you have questions, comments, concerns, please send them to or post in the forums and one of our elves will answer you.


The Marvelicious Toys Gift Exchange is a gift exchange matchmaking service provided by Marvelicious Toys and its parent company Venganza Media Inc. I certify that I am 18 years of age or older, and that I understand that sending a gift does not guarantee reception of a reciprocal gift. Venganza Media Inc's responsibility is limited to providing your address and wishlist to a matching participent in the gift exchange, but all responsibility for gift purchase and delivery is that of the registrants.

I understand by signing up for this gift exchange that my personal information (Name, Address, and wish list) will be provided automatically to my match. Further, I understand that at their request my information may be provided to the person to whom I am assigned to provide a gift.

I also agree to not hold Marvelicious Toys, its parent company Venganza Media Inc., or any of its agents responsible for gifts damaged or not received.

I also agree to send a gift to my assigned recipient no later than shipping deadline, and to provide a tracking number for said gift to Venganza Media Inc. via the proper web form.

Anyone found in violation of these terms will be held financially responsible for any abuse of this service and will be indefinitely barred from any further contests, forums, and services (such as this gift exchange) provided by Marvelicious Toys and/or Venganza Media Inc.



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