Daily Figure Review #62: Venom (King in Black, from the 2-Pack with Knull, 2022) Marvel Legends

Today, I’m looking at an absolutely massive Legends figure: Venom, the 2022 release that came in a 2-Pack with Knull.

As just a Venom figure, this one stands out as remarkable. The paint on the logo that wraps around from the front to the back is solid, pure white, even in the folding, muscular areas on his chest. The black plastic is a nice, deep black that represents the symbiote well. The figure is tall, over 7 inches, to properly tower over most other figures, including all Spider-Mans.

You also get a decent amount of accessories for Venom. He has clawed, open hands and fist hands (with the comic-accurate white squares on the backs of the hands). There’s get two heads–the always fun, open-mouthed, giant tongue head is a given. That there’s also a closed-mouthed, grinning head is a nice bonus. So many classic McFarlane panels and covers had this facial expression for Venom, and we don’t get that often with Venom figures.

With nothing else, this is an excellent Venom release that could be displayed as-is… with the only ding being the two holes on the back.

So, let’s get to the elephant-sized accessory in the room: the wings. The two holes in the back are so you can insert the two giant wing accessories. They are truly awesome-looking. The wingspan is well over a foot wide when fully extended. They have a deep red plastic with black struts (or cartilage, perhaps). The back of the wings is solid black, though I have a few spots on mine where the red plastic shows through. The wings can be positioned out to the side or behind Venom, thanks to the hinged peg in the back. There is also articulation mid-wing, where the two parts of each wing connect, though the wings look silly if the halves are posed too far apart.

These massive wings make for an impressive and imposing Venom, unlike any previous ones in the Legends line. But they do have their downside.

The wings are challenging to get into the figure’s back, requiring a lot of pressure, and even then I’ve had them fall out. The same goes for the hinges that attach the two wing parts; they were tricky to put together and seemed a bit loose, where not all poses can be held. The wings are also heavy, which makes it a challenge for the figure to stand. There are no pegs in the feet where a figure stand could help, though you may want to use a flight stand if displaying this in winged form.

The wings also seem to fall. A lot. They look so great on display, but I wonder if they will display without additional support.

Those wing problems aside, this is just a remarkable and stupendous figure that takes up a lot of shelf space.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at his companion figure: Knull!

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