Issue 170: The Raft – JAILBREAK!

Abomination. Purple Man. Spider-Man. Enchantress. Sandman. Dread Knight.
What do these disparate Marvel Comics characters have in common? They
are the characters Hasbro bundled together in their 2016 San Diego
Comic-Con Exclusive Marvel Legends set — The Raft! ​They sold out at
the show and last Tuesday online, but now you can join the Marvelicious
Toys crew as they review these six figures! And they tell you how you
can get most of them soon.

on this week’s show are reviews of the new Marvel Legends Role Play
Captain America shield. Priced at about $100, this is Hasbro’s first
entry into high end Marvel collectibles. There’s a metal shield coming
this Fall, but should you jump on the current (cheaper) version? Find
out on this show.

reviews of Jada Toys’ Black Widow figure, some great bargains on Marvel
Legends figures, and so much more, it’s all in this issue of
Marvelicious Toys!

And don’t forget, Marvelicious Toys needs your help to keep operating. We need to add new team members and hopefully bring back the regular full-video episodes. To support our show and get exclusive rewards Check out our crowdfunding campaign, live now on PodBean

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