Mezco’s One:12 Collective Figure Line is Back with Black Panther

For those worried the Marvel Cinematic Universe would feel empty after Endgame, Captain Marvel and Black Panther show there are still several billion-dollar heroes left in Marvel’s roster (assuming they don’t stay dusted…)

Black Panther lept into the Cinematic Universe in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War but he proved he was no supporting hero in last year’s Black Panther and his scene-stealing role in Infinity War. Now T’Challa is here to steal scenes on our toy shelves.

Before I get to the figure, I have to compliment the packaging! The Mezco One:12 Black Panther is packaged differently than any previous Mezco One:12 I’ve opened. Gone are the thin cardboard boxes that were impossible to open without bending a flap. The new box is a cardboard sleeve over a sturdy inner box. It’s thicker, and less prone to damage. The inner box shows off the figure in a nice window and there is spot UV printing on the outer box. Spot UV always makes a product look classy. I don’t know if it’s just mine, or the symptom of a larger problem, but the hands were loose in the package and rolling around when I opened it.

I really hope this box design is the new norm in this already great line.

Now on to the good stuff – this figure is incredibly detailed. The texture of the costume mirrors the detail in the movie. The silver accents really pop on the figure.

The toe claws and claw necklace are nice touches.  The necklace has plastic “teeth” and some are angled off the body but it’s part of the base outfit — non-removable.

As usual with masked characters, Mezco has given this one two heads. You get a masked and an unmasked head. The likeness to Chadwick Boseman is uncanny (though, I must admit, from one angle I thought it looked a little like Kevin Hart).

There are also two weapons included, which is apropos as Black Panther was light on weapons. Included is an incredibly detailed shield and a
spear. The spear, while not sounding exciting, has an intricate design on the handle.

The Mezco One:12 Black Panther is another solid entry to the Mezco line. He’ll lead your collection into Phase 4 and beyond…

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