Review: Mezco’s One:12 Collective Daredevil (Vigilante Version)

The Mezco One:12 Daredevil Vigilante Version is just as utilitarian as the costume. It’s basic, no frills, and gets the job done.

From the television show on Netflix, this is the costume that Charlie Cox wore during Season One and Three. It’s all black and has minimal accessories.

With 28 points of articulation, the possibility is good. You can get a variety of fighting poses. This Daredevil doesn’t have his wired billy clubs, but the figure comes with two sticks that take their place. They fit well in his hands or the outfit’s holster.

Due to that, there are only 3 pairs of hands: fists, billy club hands and posing hands. There are two heads as well. You get a clean version and a post-fight head. As most episodes of Netflix have Daredevil beaten to such a degree I wonder if it’s directed by Mel Gibson, the bloody head is perfect.

I have two complaints about this figure. The first is that it comes with a glossy black base that appears to have micro scratches in it. It did have a protective film over it, it’s just a “look at it wrong and it’s scratched” item.

The second is that there is a white screen printed line over the thigh. The line is not on the publicity or pre-production photos. In close-up with my macro lens it appears to be a zipper for a pocket, but to the naked eye it just looked like a string caught on the figure’s outfit. I have looked at various photos from the show and I cannot see so pronounced a zipper or other line.

Neither of the aforementioned items are deal breakers. It’s fine enough figure, and has all of the articulation needed. This Mezco exclusive is a recommended addition for Daredevil fans, though the (regular release) red leather outfit version is far more iconic.

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