Daily Figure Review #6: Toy Biz Wasp, Blue Variant (2006 M.O.D.O.K Wave) Marvel Legends

Today’s pull from my displays is a thing of Legend… the Toy Biz Blue Wasp variant. Rumor has it only 12 were shipped. I don’t know if that’s true, but if it is, then there’s only 10 in the wild. I bought one still in the package and one loose.

This is a repaint of the standard Black-and-Yellow suited Wasp that Toy Biz put out in 2006, just as their Marvel license started expiring. The packaging, the same for both Wasp variants, boasts 26 Points of Articulation. Four of those are in the wings, which are very posable on the figure.

I’m not sure this figure would be notable were it not for its rarity, but as they are almost never found on eBay, let alone in the wild of toy shows, these two specimens are a prize in my collection.

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