Daily Figure Review #14: Bishop (X-Men ’97 Wave 2023) Marvel Legends

Today’s figure added to my X-Men Legends shelf—Bishop from the X-Men ‘97 wave.

This is my favorite of the line with the great scarf, the double trigger-finger hands, and the great facial expression and detail! All of this makes for one great-looking figure.

Much like the previous two X-Men ’97 figures I’ve reviewed, Bishop’s paint colors are a bit brighter than the average Marvel Legends figure. This is due to the wave hewing closer to the X-Men Animated Series’ style. Still, it’s not overdone, and so this Bishop can be added to your Legends ranks without standing out too much (as compared to, say, the Across the Spider-Verse wave of figures which just look odd next to regular Legends).

Bishop stands a head taller than the rest of the X-Men ’97 Legends figures as well, making this a nice, beefy figure that looks great posed on my shelf.

And it whets my appetite to see what they do with Bishop when the X-Men ’97 series finally debuts on Disney+!

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