Daily Figure Review #19: Sleepwalker (Rintrah Wave, 2022) Marvel Legends

Today’s figure from the shelf is from last year’s Doctor Strange movie wave—Sleepwalker. This is a comic-based figure of a character not in the movie. Still, as I consider Sleepwalker a more obscure Marvel hero, I was excited when he was announced as coming in the line. I remember picking up the first issue of Sleepwalker in the ‘90s and loving it, so I’m happy to have him in the collection!

But now that I have him is my enthusiasm as high?

Yes! While this figure is pretty standard in design and articulation, there’s enough variance and newness here to be a great representation of this hero. The torn cape, the straps of cloth hanging from his gloves and boots, and the arms with one sleeved and one bare all make this character stand out on my shelf–even if there are a lot of parts reused.

He also has good articulation with double-jointed elbows and knees, though sadly, they are not pinless. He also comes with four interchangeable hands: two fists and two open.

My favorite part of the figure is the head sculpt. The pursed lips have little wrinkles around them, and the scowl over the red eyes truly “sells” this as a great plastic version of this character.

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