Daily Figure Review #52: Maggott (2022 Bonebreaker Build-A-Figure Wave) Marvel Legends

For today’s review, I finish off the Bonebreaker wave with one of what is possibly the strangest figures ever: Maggott of the X-Men. This minor character is one I never expected to get in plastic form, but here we are as Hasbro continues to mix releases of popular characters (yet another Wolverine) with more obscure D-Listers like Maggott. (And if you’re the world’s biggest Maggott fan and feel I’m not doing him justice by describing him as minor, please don’t @ me).

This figure shows him in his full powered-up form, with blue skin and red eyes. The little tuft of hair on top is a nice touch.

The long trenchcoat makes the figure’s legs a little hard to pose and still keep his balance. Yet there’s still a lot of articulation there if you can use it. The figure has double-hinged knees (covered but not constricted by spiked knee pads) and double-hinged elbows. The giant shoulder pads also restrict shoulder articulation.

Yet I’ll always choose a great-looking figure over articulation points. You may not be able to get Maggott in a ton of poses, but the ones you can, he looks great. The flowing coat, the big shoulders, the blue skin, the fingerless gloves all combine to make one nice, heavily muscled figure.

While there are no alternate hands or head, he comes with two accessories: his robotic slugs Eany and Meany. There’s not a lot you can do with them other than put one on his shoulder and one on his arm, but these are must-haves to do Maggott justice.

Overall, he is a good and fun figure…especially for the $6 I paid for him at Ross Dress For Less!

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