Daily Figure Review #54: Red Skull (2021 Xemnu Wave) Marvel Legends

Today, I look back a couple of years and continue reviewing figures from the Super-Villain wave Hasbro released in 2021. The figure that gets the spotlight today is the Red Skull.

The Legends team has loaded this figure with accessories. Red Skull has a wealth of display options, including six hands and two heads. It’s a bit of a shock, almost overkill, that Red Skull gets so many hands, but believe me, I’m not complaining! To get gripper hands, fist hands, and gun hands is very nice.

The two heads you get are maniacal, grinning Skull, and then the more serious-looking Skull face. Again, it’s great to have these options for display. I doubt if fans would have complained if given only one head, but Hasbro has gone the extra mile and given us two. One tricky part is that Skull’s neck pops off the torso, so swapping heads means pulling out the neck. These are small parts that I had a little trouble gripping with my fingers. A minor frustration, but one to be aware of.

Finishing out the accessories, Red Skull has a Cosmic Cube, which his gripper hand holds well, and some sort of automatic gun (a modified Uzi, perhaps?). The cube has a nice dusty effect over the translucent blue plastic. The gun impresses me most, though, as Hasbro has painted a small, yellow Hydra logo on the side. So many weapons that come with Legends figures are plain, unpainted plastic; this is a nice little touch.

Speaking of unpainted, though, Red Skull himself has a plastic green outfit. It looks good overall, but there’s no paint wash or anything applied. We do get a Hydra armband on his left arm, which is another nice touch.

Red Skull is a staple character in Marvel Comics, and Hasbro did him justice with the plethora of accessories and great sculpted heads. A great figure in what’s turned out to be a mighty fun wave.

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