Over the Moon for Mezco’s SDCC Exclusive One:12 Moon Knight (Crescent Edition)

Often referred to as “Marvel’s Batman”, Moon Knight is a caped crusader whose first appearance was in Werewolf By Night #32 in 1975. Since then, Moon Knight has had a number of different costumes to go along with his many different appearances.

The Mezco One:12 Moon Knight “Crescent Edition” is a modern costume, and perhaps the best of his different outfits.

As usual, Mezco knocks it out of the park, starting with the box. While I wish this figure had the double-box style seen with their Black Panther, Moon Knight’s packaging\is simplistic yet stylish. The font of the box has the logo from Vengeance of the Moon Knight. The simple but stylized box belies the highly articulated figured located within.

Plus the figure itself is nuzzled in four layers of plastic inserts. These, plus the little inserts, protect the figure and mine had no rubbing or
issues when I opened it.

Inside the box is where the main attraction is for this San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Mezco has packed Moon Knight full of accessories. Not only are their two different head sculpts, there are four pairs of hands. You will be able to pose Moon Knight in any pose that you desire between the insane 32 points of articulation and the range of hands available. Throwing blade? Check. Grabby hands? You got it. Regular hands? Of course! Fists for fighting? Absolutely. Between the masked head, and unmasked head, and two different hood styles, there are a lot of combinations. And of course Mezco has jam packed this accessories. Included in the box are a crescent blade, a staff, a grappling hook baton and a pair of nunchucks.

Not to be forgotten, the detail in the costume is tremendous. From near perfect stitching on the soft goods to insanely intricate details, Mezco is setting the standard on super articulated figures. Seriously, look at Moon Knight’s shoes. The fact that there is detail on the bottom of
his shoes is incredible. And the design there is crescent and circular shapes—subtly reinforcing the Moon Knight iconography.

Despite the super articulated body, it is a little difficult to pose the figure due to his armor. It’s a bit constricting, and hard to take full advantage of the 32 points of articulation. The hood down accessory is a little tricky to get to look right. I did have to spend extra time to make it sit just right. The cape can be supported by the included cape stand. It’s very easy to stage a dynamic pose with it.

This figure was sold exclusively at San Diego Comic Con and of course, sold out in a blink. You’re only chance to pick this one up is on the secondary market such as eBay or Amazon.

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