Daily Figure Review #1: Marvel Legends Cyborg Spider-Woman (Across the Spider-Verse Wave, Deluxe Figure)

I honestly don’t remember, was Cyborg Spider-Woman in the movie for more than a cameo amount?

I think she was just one of a thousand background Spider-Mans wasn’t she?

Still a fun, massive toy! The spikes add a punk (cyberpunk?) vibe to the figure, and how can you not have fun with a giant gun arm? I do wish the gun arm had an elbow joint, it would make for a lot more cool posing options, but perhaps that’s not true to the character design.

The style of the figure is such that it fits in fine with my other Marvel Legends, as compared to most of the Spider-Verse Legends figures which are so movie-stylized that they look odd on with most Legends figures.

Overall, I can’t say this was a necessary figure (since I can’t remember her from the movie) but a fun one to have–especially on deep discount as this figure has been seen!

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