Hasbro Confirms – No Walgreens Exclusive Marvel Legends in 2023

Jigsaw, Binary, Silver Surfer, Quasar, those are just a few of the Walgreens exclusive Marvel Legends figures released over the past two years. For the past several years Walgreens has been an outlet for Marvel Legends figures you couldn’t get anywhere else (in the United States, at least).

However, today Hasbro Marvel Team Brand Manager Dan Yun confirmed, via Twitter, that era has come to an end–at least for now.

Yun tweeted

Many collectors may view this as good news as Walgreens distribution has been spotty at best. When Legends figures did make it to store shelves they would often linger, literally for years before selling through.

As a counterpoint, though, Walgreens allowed Hasbro an outlet for figures that wouldn’t find distribution at main retail. Niche characters like Medusa, the Stepford Cuckoos, Dani Moonstar, and others got releases as Walgreens exclusives. They feel like characters that may not have been made without Walgreens’ distribution. (Though in those previous years there were not the “fan channel” exclusives that are currently released, so perhaps these figures will still find their way out through Hasbro Pulse and other online sellers).

Recently Walgreens marked all their exclusive figures down to $6.98 each, causing a fast sell-out on their website. Rumors then began to swirl that Walgreens was exiting the Marvel Legends game. Those rumors have now been confirmed–at least for 2023.

Is Walgreens a regular stop on your Legends toy runs?

Do you think Walgreens will get new exclusives in 2024 or beyond?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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