Daily Figure Review #9: Phoenix Force Cyclops (Custom Marvel Legends Figure, Artist Unknown)

Today’s figure from my shelf: Hasbro stubbornly refuses to give us the Phoenix Force Cyclops figure teased years ago, so I have to make do with this well-done custom figure I found on eBay.

The artist is unknown, but I do love the metallic paint used for the chest design.

Unfortunately, being a custom figure, this one has its drawbacks. The head doesn’t want to stay on the body, and it droops when it does pop on there, making him constantly look down.

Perhaps he’s looking down because he’s depressed that Hasbro never released the Phoenix Force Cyclops they showed those many years ago. Chin up, buddy…I keep hoping beyond hope they make Phoenix Force Cyclops as a Marvel Unlimited Plus subscription exclusive figure…after all, they did that for the unreleased Rescue!

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