Daily Figure Review #10: Doctor Doom (from the 2-pack with Captain Marvel, 2023) Marvel Legends

Today’s figure from the shelf—what a great release! Doctor Doom, as seen in the Secret Wars comic, is from the two-pack with Captain Marvel.

I love that they did the unmasked portrait of this figure and the bright comic colors.

Of course, there’s the swap-out masked head, but what fun is that? Still, if you want a bright, comic-colored, masked Doctor Doom, Hasbro didn’t skimp, with detailed flesh-colored paint showing around the eyes in the mask. There is also an accessory to have the hood “down” with the unmasked head, a nice touch to complete his outfit with either portrait in use.

There are a lot of Doctor Doom figures in the Marvel Legends line, but the last unmasked version came from Toy Biz in 2002, and that wasn’t the Secret Wars version of Doom’s face. It’s great for Hasbro to revisit the concept and really make special the Doom from this 2-pack.

Now let’s just hope there are more Secret Wars Legends planned for next year, the 40th anniversary of the seminal comic book (and toy line!).

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