Daily Figure Review #11: Captain Marvel (From the 2023 2-Pack with Doctor Doom) Marvel Legends

Today’s figure from the shelf: Captain Marvel from the 2-Pack with Dr. Doom. I love many things about this figure: the great hair, the pure white paint on the outfit, the way Hasbro’s team designed her underarm “wings” so they overlap, giving maximum articulation without sacrificing aesthetic. Great things!

But man, she is NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE to get to stand. No peg holes in her feet and heels that make her very tricky to balance. She will certainly be kept in a flight stand on my shelf to avoid toppling.

And with those underarm wings, you’ll probably want this Captain Marvel in a flying pose. While you can put her arms down at her sides, the wings make for some “bowing” when trying to do more naturalistic poses. Still, give me these over soft goods capes any day of the week!

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