Daily Figure Review #16: Gambit (X-Men ’97 Wave, 2023) Marvel Legends

Today’s new figure added to my shelf is my favorite scoundrel, Gambit from the X-Men ‘97 wave.

The big question here: Do we need this figure?

Gambit seems to be a straight reuse from the Target-exclusive Retro carded Gambit. That figure was available for a very long time both in stores and on the website just last year. Collectors who wanted a really nice Gambit figure had plenty of chances to get one.

Yet I see some logic in including Gambit in the X-Men ’97 wave. He was a major character in the old series, so presumably, he’ll also play a large role in the upcoming animated series as well. And his colors are updated to be slightly lighter to fit in with the more “animated” style of the entire X-Men ’97 wave.

And it was a good figure to begin with. It’s a lot of fun to pose (even if the plastic trenchcoat sticks out with much bending at the waist). The playing card accessories with their energy effect look awesome and make for some great photographs.

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