Daily Figure Review #17: Rogue (X-Men ’97 Wave 2023) Marvel Legends

Today a new figure gets added to the shelf—Rogue, finishing off the X-men ‘97 wave.

Much like Gambit, I wonder how much this figure was “needed” as we just had the Target-exclusive Rogue available for a long time. But unlike Gambit this figure has more changes from that previous release.

In line with the other X-Men ’97 figures, this Rogue has lightly brighter paint to fit the animated style. The biggest change to paint is her jacket is now green. I’m so used to seeing Rogue in the brown jacket that the green one throws me for a loop every time I look at it. Of course, green is accurate to the animation so a proper change, just not one I’m used to.

But I love the face sculpt on the figure. She also comes with two alternate hands, including one ungloved hand and the other “hand holding glove” that has become a regular, and fun, inclusion with Rogue. Add in the pinless arms and legs used and I think this figure is a winner!

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