Daily Figure Review #20: Chasm (Retro Carded, 2023) Marvel Legends

Today’s figure being added to my shelf is Chasm from the recent retro line (bought on clearance at Target!).

Going to the source material, I love the design of Chasm. The purple, black, and teal color scheme looks great on the page, and it looks even better in three dimensions as a Legends figure. The colors really pop especially the greenish-blue eyes.

The over-the-wrist web shooters also tie into Ben Reilly’s identity. Hasbro did them justice here by putting some blue-green paint over the black web shooters.

On the downside, the figure has no changeable hands. You have a two-fisted figure only.

In fact, the only accessories included with this figure are two blue translucent energy effects. They aren’t too distracting, though; I like how they look on the figure. It’s a rare figure I display with those effects, but Chasm will be one of those few.

The body has good articulation and a center of balance. The figure is very easy to get in a lot of poses.

Chasm is a pretty basic figure but the snazzy color scheme makes him stand out.

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