Daily Figure Review #21: GamerVerse Spider-Man: Miles Morales (Armadillo Wave, 2021) Marvel Legends

With Spider-Man 2 coming out tonight for the PS5, today’s figure must be the GamerVerse Miles Morales from the 2021 Armadillo wave.

To start with, this figure comes loaded with extra accessories. You get 8 hands and 2 heads, masked and unmasked. The unmasked portrait has a great similarity to Miles as seen in the video games (which is quite distinct from Miles as shown in the comics or, especially, the Spider-Verse movies). The hands provide the usual Spider-Man hands with “thwip” hands and fists, but then there are two translucent hands that imitate Miles’ “Venom Strike” power. While the electricity effect reminds me a bit of something we’d get with an Electro figure, I really like the look of this hand on Miles, and will be one of my display hands.

The metallic dark red paint on his outfit provides a more muted color palette. That same red is on Miles’ fists, but overall, this is a character in a plain black outfit. The webbing has a nice texture to it, though, that really shows up in photographs.

If I had to nitpick, my one gripe is the figure seems a little too tall. It stands as tall as the Peter Parker Spider-Man from the original game. My concept is it should be perhaps just half an inch shorter than it is, but I’d have to go back to the game art to be sure.

Maybe I’m just hyped for Spider-Man 2 but I think this is a great figure from a great game!

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