Daily Figure Review #55: Lady Deathstrike (2021 Xemnu Wave) Marvel Legends

While I wait for Big Bad Toy Store to deliver my Doc Ock figure, I’ll continue today looking at figures from the 2021 Super-Villains Xemnu wave. Today, I’m adding to my shelf: Lady Deathstrike.

This figure is Yuriko Oyama in her classic brown outfit with white sleeves. A really cool silver is used for the adamantium of her fingernails. Also, there’s some intricate detailing on her forearms and chest to show the adamantium coming through her skin. The chest sculpting is something I wouldn’t have thought Hasbro to add, but it really stays true to how Deathstrike has been drawn for decades.

Lady Deathstrike ships with Xemnu’s bulky body, and so I suppose that explains why there are no accessories for the figure itself. No alternate hands or head are included. That said, I’m unsure what would be needed for those. Perhaps an alternate facial expression would be nice, but the neutral/angry face included is sufficient. And her fingers are her weapons, so I don’t think anything other than claw-finger hands are necessary.

If you get past that lack of accessories, there’s actually a lot to like about this figure. First, she has pinless arms and pinless legs with double-hinged knees. Her billowy sleeves make posing the arms a bit tricky; you can get a lot of poses, but they don’t all look natural. Still, the sculpting of those sleeves is a nice touch.

There’s subtle sculpting to the top of her outfit. I wish a minor paint wash had been applied to really draw out those details. As it is, the brown of the figure’s outfit looks very plastic-y. I also think the red underwear, worn outside her pants, looks a little bit like a diaper–especially from the back. But that’s not Hasbro’s fault, that’s true to the way the outfit was drawn.

The portrait has her hair flowing back, which works well. Having the hair up like that means there’s no impediment in turning or cocking her head in many directions.

So, in summary, it’s a good figure of this classic X-villain, and she has great sculpting and adamantium paint details. Still, those who demand more accessories with your figures will be left somewhat disappointed.

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