Daily Figure Review #63: Knull (From the 2-Pack with Venom, 2022) Marvel Legends

Today, I finish reviewing the 2022 Venom/Knull Marvel Legends 2-Pack by looking at the all-new figure in the set: Knull. And it’s an impressive figure. Like the Venom in the set, this figure is larger than most Legends, standing over 7 inches tall.

Knull’s outfit has a lot of detail. The knee-high boots, shoulder pads, and chest plate are smooth and armored, the upper legs and arms have vertical sculpting, and the arms have horizontal wraps. This makes for a varied design that catches the eye despite all these items being a shade of gray. This muted color palette makes the red spider emblem on his chest pop, as it’s the only color on the entire figure.

The figure comes with two heads: a stern, closed-mouth head and then a more angry, toothy head. Both look good, though I prefer the toothy portrait. The hair on each head is sculpted differently, a nice touch versus just a different facial expression. Also, the hair is just a shade lighter than the skin tone (the difference is so subtle I had to look under multiple lights to be sure I wasn’t imagining it and the whole head was just cast in one color).

The only other accessory for Knull is his black necrosword. This is a sizable accessory and has tendrils of red and black symbiote sculpted across the entire length. I’m really glad this was sculpted on and not just an overlay into which you insert the sword, as those have a tendency to fall off.

Knull has no alternate hands. His right hand is ready to hold his sword and his left hand is more open. The sword sits a bit loosely in the right hand, making it a bit tricky not to have it just resting against his body. I’d have preferred the fist be tighter, and a couple alternate hands would have been nice in case you don’t want to pose Knull with his weapon.

The shoulder pads are hinged, which allows for a good range of arm motion. The elbows are double-hinged allowing for a lot of motion also. The arms and legs are completely pinless giving them a nice, clean look.

This is a good figure, and being Knull’s first time in figure form Hasbro knocked it out of the park.

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