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Issue 189: Is This the Train to San Diego?
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SDCC Exclusives:


  • Kotobukiya:  Nothing
  • Deadpool 2: Booth 3529


      • Exclusive SDCC shirt given to first 1,200 people each day Thurs - Sun
      • Deadpool 2 Super Duper Cut pre-order -- get SDCC exclusive Trucker Hat! (While supplies last)
      • 25 people each day win a set of 18 Fox Blu-rays with the Deadpool box art.
      • Deadpool Dream Suite on Saturday evening (modeled after Deadpool’s apartment) -- have to enter to win


  • Fox TV



  • Marvel Booth: Only announced more pin sets THERE IS A MODOK PIN
  • Mondo



  • Toynk: Booths 815, 4437, 5245


      • Avengers Thanos Gauntlet Pin with Jewel - 1,000 made, $15
      • Deadpool on Unicorn Pin - 2,000 made. $10
      • Daredevil and Punisher Tiki Cup Set - 400 made, $40


  • NECA



  • Monogram International:



  • Entertainment Earth: (Pre-order now online, ships after con if stock available)



  • Ban Dai - booth 3535




      • Scottie Young Deadpool X-Force Finders Keypers - $25


  • Jakks Pacific (Booth 3349)



  • Sheriff Deadpool Minifigure (Saturday. Enter the lotto)


      • Ant-Man & Wasp Set (Saturday, $40. Enter lotto)


  • Funko


      • Also Conan O’Brien Ant-Man POPs


  • Quantum Mechanix Inc. Booth 4145




      • Mini Egg Attack Deadpool and Pony (X-Force Version) - 1,000 made, $30
      • Life Size Iron man Mk 43 Pewter Finish. Only 30 made! $20,000
      • Egg Attack Deadpool (Marvel Comic) - 140 made. $80


  • IDW (Pre-order now for guaranteed pick-up at the show)


      • Jack Kirby’s Marvel Heroes & Monsters Artist’s Edition w/Variant Cover (1,000 copies, $150)
      • Joe Jusko’s Marvel Masterpieces Hardcover -- SDCC Variant (150 pieces, $75)
      • Jack Kirby’s Marvel Heroes & Monsters Artist’s Edition, SDCC Monsters Cover Variant (100 copies, $150)
      • Jack Kirby’s Marvel Heroes and Monsters Artist’s Edition Cover Variant (100 made, $150)
      • Jim Starlin’s Marvel Cosmic Artifact Edition--Signed and Numbered SDCC Variant (100 copies, $150)


  • Diamond Select Toys




      • Avengers PXL8 Ornaments, Cap Iron Man & Thanos (1500 made)
      • Dr. Strange PXL8 rnament
      • Ant-Man and Wasp PXL8 Pins
      • PXL8 Thanos Pin



      • Thanos Copter Hot Wheels



      • Gwenpool Animated Statue $64.99


  • Mezco (Booth 3445)



  • Essential Sequential (booth 4507, 4606, 4505)


      • Adi Granov Iron Man Giclee - 16x20. Signed. $100


  • Hasbro:


July 14, 2018


Show Notes:

Marvelicious Toys is back and prepping for SDCC!

Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie are back with a brand new Marvelicious Toys! On this show we recap where we've been, and then talk about where we're going: San Diego! SDCC is next week. What are the must-haves? Listen to find out about all the Marvelicious goodness!

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