Daily Figure Review #57: Dr. Doom (Xemnu Wave, 2021) Marvel Legends

Today, I finish off the base figures of the Xemnu wave with Dr. Doom, here in his “God Emperor” white outfit.

A white-clad Dr. Doom figure was offered back in the Marvel Legends “Epic Heroes” series way back in 2012; however, the white version was never offered in the US. It was a variant that was only released overseas. Now, Hasbro has released a version that, honestly, looks a lot nicer and is widely available.

Doom has shiny silver armor that contrasts nicely with the white cape, hood, and skirt. He also has a bit of flesh-colored paint around the eyes (I always loved that Doom’s mask had eye holes that showed skin versus just showing eyes as so many comic book masks do).

Double-jointed elbows and ball-jointed and hinged shoulders allow for good arm motion. The sculpted cape doesn’t get in the way of most arm poses because it is tapered and narrow around the shoulders.

The figure has some good detail in the belt. In addition to a painted belt buckle, Doom has a gun holster with an embossed “D”, another nice touch that no one would miss if it weren’t there, but it’s great that it is. This holster has an extra accessory inside–a silver pistol. This is undersold in the packaging as the gun isn’t visible. I don’t see God Doom having much use for a pistol, but I also haven’t read Jonathan Hickman’s Secret Wars run, so perhaps that is an important detail.

What I know is important is the inclusion of Thanos’s skull and spine. Even without reading the series, I know how that came to be, and it’s wonderfully gruesome. Also, the “bone” of the skull and spine are brown. I like this because it contrasts with the white outfit, as compared to blending in if they’d done whiter bone. Sadly, the vertebrae are not articulated, but the skull does have a hinged jaw!

Doom comes with five hands — two splayed-out finger hands, one gun hand, one left fist, and one hand to grip Thanos’ spine. This ends up being a good amount of accessories for the lone figure in the wave that does not include a piece of Build-A-Figure Xemnu.

Overall, it’s a good figure and a good variant iteration of Doctor Doom.

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