New Podcast: Issue 50: A Brief Case for the Briefcase

The announcement of Marvel’s Phase One Blu Ray Collector’s Set was met with a mixed reaction. No one could doubt the coolness of the special artwork and the supplemental materials included with the set, but the high price, and the fact that most Marvel fans already own all the films leading up to Avengers, put off some buyers. But it turns out that Rimowa GmbH, manufacturers of the briefcase used in the film, didn’t give permission for Marvel to copy it for the collector’s set, and now the Blu Ray set is delayed until Spring. On this issue of Marvelicious Toys, Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie discuss this development, why it happened, and speculate on the set’s future.

But with one exclusive gone, two more pop up in its place! In a follow-up on the conversation from Issue 49, listen to find out about all-new exclusive items that you can get with the Avengers Blu-Ray.

And for toy collectors, we have a hands-on review of all the figures in Marvel Universe Wave 19. Kang, Scarlet Witch, Future Foundation Spider-Man, Punisher, and She-Hulk! Listen to find out if this wave was worth the wait!

With all this and a flying Helicarrier too, it’s all in Marvelicious Toys Issue 50!

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