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383698EE50569047F5BA3EC67C4B107CSome of the hardest to find figures in Hasbro’s Marvel Universe toy line are now available at a bargain price through Hasbro’s own web site.

These figures, Nick Fury, X-Force Archangel, and the unmasked Dr. Victor von Doom figures, were formerly only available to subscribers of Marvel Comics Digital Comics Unlimited service, a program that allowed comics fans access to thousands of comics for reading on the web.  This service cost about $60 per year, which is a bargain for comics fans but a high price for action figure collectors who wanted the figure but not the digital comics.

More, this Digital Comics Unlimited service was only available to United States citizens with a credit card in order to pay.  Due to the high cost and limited availability of these figures, each has sold for well over $100 each on eBay.

But this past week Hasbro Marvel Universe figure collectors have rejoiced as all three of these exclusive figures have shown up for sale on Hasbro’s online sales site at $14.99 each, limit 2 per person.

The Marvel collecting podcast Marvelicious Toys contacted Hasbro for information on why these figures have been made available.  Hasbro Public Relations Representative Joe Moscone told Marvelicious, “One figure was offered each year and only in that year. Now that the digital comic offer has passed, Hasbro has the great fortune of being able to offer a small number of these limited edition figures to our fans and collectors.”

This left a question as to the fourth exclusive figure in this line.  Originally promoted at San Diego Comic Con in 2012 Hasbro and Marvel were supposed to offer an exclusive Old Man Logan figure, based on the Mark Millar Wolverine comics.  While Hasbro gave a small number of these figures to the press at New York Comic Con in October, 2012 both Hasbro and Marvel have been quiet about a wider release of this figure.  With Marvel rebranding their Digital Comics Unlimited service to just Marvel Unlimited, some have wondered if this figure will see release at all.

When asked about Old Man Logan, Moscone replied “We will not be offering the Old Man Logan figure for sale [through], but stay tuned for news from Marvel on this figure in the coming months.”

As of this writing the X-Force Archangel and unmasked Victor von Doom figures have sold out, but the Nick Fury figure remains in stock at

For collectors still after the Doom and Archangel figures, the online availability of these figures has not caused much of a drop in aftermarket prices.  A check on eBay shows sellers listing Archangel for $70 and higher, while Doom figures start around $40.00  Knowing HasbroToyShop may put more back in stock later due to additional inventory or returned sales, Marvelicious Toys recommends you follow them on Facebook and Twitter and they will post if these toys are again available.  Marvelicious Toys’ social media outlets were among the first to report when these figures were made available at HasbroToyShop.

You can hear the Marvelicious Toys podcast hosts Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie discuss toys, statues, games, and other collectibles based on Marvel Comics and movies every Wednesday at



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