Sideshow Exclusive: Hot Toys Chitauri Footsoldier and Commander Duo


You have assembled your Hot Toys Avengers figures, but they need someone to fight, right?  Never fear, now up for pre-order are the Hot Toys Chitauri Footsoldier and Chitauri Commander figures!

The Chitauri Footsoldier has 22 points of articulation, 2 pairs of interchangable hands (clenched fists and relaxed), a removable mask, headgear, body armor, and a Chitauri Arm Cannon.  It scomes with a city rubble diorama “stage” base.

The Chitauri Commander has 22 points of articulation and 2 pairs of hands, but more armor.  It comes with the Chitauri arm cannon and a grenade, and stands on a city rubble “stage” base also.

You can buy each individually, but only from Sideshow can you get the exclusive pair!  It’s $5 cheaper than buying the two alone, AND you get an exclusive Chitauri Rifle, and a special Left palm to hold it!

Army build or just buy one set, but order now because these guys may disappear as fast as they did in the battle of New York.




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