Up for Order: Sideshow Premium Format Deadpool – X-Force Edition


Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Deadpool went on sale in 2012.  The exclusive version quickly sold out, and the regular edition also sold out once fans started receiving this gorgeous statue, which we reviewed on our podcast.

Now to fill demand for fans who missed out the first time, and to give X-Force fans some love, Sideshow has a new version of this statue available.  It comes on a more standard base, with the red X on top instead of the Deadpool logo.  Additionally, Deadpool now comes with twin katanasthat can be held in his hands or, as in the previous version, put in holsters on his back.

It’s different enough from the original that many collectors will be getting both, and those who missed out on the red-and-black version now have an opportunity to get this gorgeous sculpt again.  So check it out now at Sideshow’s site!

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