New 3.75-inch Marvel Figures Possibly Revealed!


The new Previews Catalog has a listing which is confusing, but may boast good news for Marvel Universe figure collectors!

The listing is for “Avengers Infinite Series Action Figures”.  They are described as being 6-inch figures, however Marvel collectors will recognize some tell-tale signs in the image that these are, in fact, 3.75-inch figures.  Specifically, the Iron Man “fwoosh” accessory is one that has been included on many 3.75-inch figures thus far.  Also the articulation indicates these are smaller-scale figures.  Additionally, the tiny Wasp version appears to be a repaint of the Wasp that came with the Avengers figure 3-pack.

The line-up includes:

  • Captain America
  • Heroic Age Iron man
  • Platinum Wasp
  • Platinum Hyperion
  • Platinum Hulk
  • Platinum Grim Reaper

The MSRP on these is $14.99, which may be a new price point or may be incorrect as the listing states the figures are 6-inch.

It also states they ship in March, so they should start showing up in major retail stores as early as February.  It’s still unknown, though, if major retailers like Walmart will carry this line, as discussed in the latest Marvelicious Toys podcast.

But a Marvel NOW Hulk, a full-size Wasp, a 3.75-inch Hyperion, and Grim Reaper?  2014 may be a great time to be a Marvel fan and collector!

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