Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys give Iron Man fans Whiplash!




One of Iron Man’s deadliest foes in the comics is Whiplash, and in Iron Man 2 that comic book baddie was brought to life by Mickey Rourke.  An evil tech genius in his own right, Ivan Vanko used the Arc reactor technology to first create whips that almost defeated Iron Man in Monaco, then upgraded to a full suit of armor all his own.  With this new suit Whiplash almost defeated both Iron Man and War Machine.

Now that armor can be yours, thanks to Hot Toys and their US distributor Sideshow Collectibles.

This character and outfit have been teased for a long time, images of the Whiplash Armor leaking from conventions across the globe, but now it is available for order.  Standing 13 inches tall, this DIECAST figure has highly detailed metallic black body armor, 36 points of articulation–including fingers, and switch out chest armor for regular or battle damaged.

More, there is a removable magnetic mask that reveals an authentic Mickey Rourke likeness with the wrinkles, beard, and facial expression that made the character pop in the film.

And whips–oh yes there are whips, with flashes and LED light-up functions.  The helmeted head has LED light-up eyes as well!

All of this can be displayed on a detailed diorama base.

As anticipated as this figure is, with all the accessories and light-up features, and at an attractive $399 price point (which is great for a diecast figure of this size) this is bound to move quickly, so get your preorder in now at Sideshow Collectibles!





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