Pre-Order Alert: Hot Toys Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2



Before The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hit theaters in the US toy maker Hot Toys was teasing a giant Rhino figure, based on the character’s mech suit in the film.  But now that the film is out and Rhino was little more than a cameo, I’m much happier that the second Amazing Spider-Man 2 Hot Toys figure released is Max Dillon himself, Electro!

Scheduled to ship in April of 2015, this figure is charged with features, such as a light-up translucent head based on the likeness of Jamie Foxx.  (Though I may be mistaken, I can’t think of a single other Best Actor Oscar winner to have a translucent light-up head!)  He also has over 30 points of articulation in the body, light-up wrists, 4 pairs of interchangeable heads, and the blue/black outfit Electro wore in the film’s climax.

Don’t hesitate, move at the speed of light and order your Hot Toys Electro today!


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