Pre-Order Alert: Hot Toys Iron Man


In the wee hours this morning Hot Toys revealed a new Iron Man armor on its Facebook page:  The Mark XLI “Bones” Armor from Iron Man 3!  Unlike some recent Hot Toys 12-inch Iron Man figures which have been kit-bashes and repaints, this one was startling for being such a departure from the previous figures.  With raised, bronze pieces over a black body this figure has possibly more detailed sculpting than any other Iron Man Hot Toys armor to date!

tumblr_n8jftyydwy1snogyzo2_1280More, this figure has a totally new, unique feature:  The neck, upper chest, shoulders, elbows, and upper thighs are all magnetic allowing the figure to break apart as seen in the film!  The figure comes with flame effects to represent the propulsion jets in each piece.  I cannot lie, I’m totally geeking out over how freaking awesome that is!  Plus they’ve kept over 36 points of articulation on the body!

The figure comes with 3 pairs of hands and a circular figure stage.  It also has LED eyes and chest RT.

Why are you still reading this? Sideshow just put up the pre-order so move your Bones and go order this ultimately cool figure!



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