Pre-Order Alert: Sideshow’s 12-Inch Line Begins with DEADPOOL



For years Sideshow Collectibles has been the place for US-based Marvel collectors to buy 12-inch figures of their favorite heroes.  Specifically, 12-inch figures manufactured by Hong Kong-based Hot Toys distributed by Sideshow Collectibles.

Now, though, Sideshow’s doing it for themselves having debuted a brand new Marvel 12-inch figure line, designed and manufactured in-house.

That line now has its first figure up for pre-order and it’s the fan favorite mutant Deadpool.  The price is $229.99, and payment plans are available.

Like Sideshow’s long-running G.I. Joe and Star Wars lines, new Marvel Comics figure line consists of highly articulated figures clothed in soft goods outfits and loaded with accessories.  The figure stands 12-inches tall and while it is listed as “fully articulated” the specific posability is not mentioned.

Deadpool is dressed in his classic red and black costume, hand-tailored by Sideshow’s designers.  The piece is then finished off with plastic and rubber heads, hands, boots, and accessories.  In this case, Deadpool has his harness with enough pouches to make his creator Rob Liefeld proud, plus kneepads and  shoulder pads.

100178-deadpool-015Where the figure really stands out is the accessories.  The Deadpool figure comes with two swap-out heads with different masked facial expressions, two pistols, an assault rifle, 2 katanas, a knife, and two grenades.  Plus the figure has five pairs of hands for different positions, including thumbs-up, a fist, and hands made to hold each of the weapons.

Plus Sideshow also has up for order an exclusive edition, limited in production and available only directly from Sideshow themselves, and that version of the figure has an additional accessory–a zombie head of the character Headpool.

The figure is up for order today but will not ship for over a year!  The listed ship date is October, 2015 and these releases often miss those target dates by one to three months.

This new figure line is totally separate from the Hot Toys Marvel sixth-scale figure collection.  While Hot Toys has focused on figures based on Marvel movie incarnations (Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man; Nicholas Cage as Ghost Rider) Sideshow is making figures accurate to their comic book styles.  To this end, Deadpool’s outfit is a bright red.

At San Diego Comic-Con Sideshow debuted Deadpool as well as the next two characters that will be added to this series–The Punisher and Wolverine.  Given the history with Sideshow’s other 12-inch lines there is little doubt that those figures, and many more, will be offered for pre-order in the coming months.

There is no deposit needed for this figure, and the exclusive edition is likely to sell out long before the ship date.  So if interested, you can place your order now from Sideshow Collectibles.

Are you getting Sideshow’s 12-inch line?  Let us know in our forums!

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