Pre-Order Alert: Hot Toys – Iron Man 3 Hot Rod (Mark XXII) Collectible Figure (Hot Toys Exclusive)


Sideshow has just put up for pre-order Hot Toys’ newest exclusive die cast Iron Man 3 suit of armor — the Hot Rod Mark XXII.

Tony Stark designed the Mark XXII armor as a War Machine 2.0 Prototype Suit in Iron Man 3. This lightly-armed suit is built with versatility in mind being able to dodge obstacles and move around mid-air more swiftly. Tony Stark was just about to jump into the suit in the movie before it got attack by an Extremis soldier. It earns the name of “Hot Rod” as its arms and legs’ design resembles the classic American hot rod with flames.

Now, with this pre-order, Hot Toys is  expanding the “House Party Protocol” with the 1/6th scale Hot Rod (Mark XXII) Collectible Figure as a Hot Toys Exclusive item. It is the latest addition to their MMS Diecast Series which the collectible figures are made of diecast material, and realistically designed to look more like Hot Rod as it appears in the movie.

The movie-accurate Hot Rod (Mark XXII) Collectible Figure contains diecast material and is crafted with fine details featuring metallic dark gray, silver and red armor with distinctive flame patterns on legs and LED light-up functions.

If you are an Iron Man fans, don’t miss the chance to add this special armor to your House Party Protocol!

This item is exclusive to the  “Toy Soul 2014” event in Hong Kong on Dec 19-21 but you can secure yours now from Sideshow Collectibles!

The 1/6th scale Hot Rod (Mark XXII) Collectible Figure’s special features:

              Authentic likeness of Hot Rod (Mark XXII), the War Machine 2.0 Prototype Suit, in Iron Man 3

              Approximately 30 cm tall

              Over 36 points of articulations

              Contains diecast material

              LED-lighted eyes and rectangular-shaped arc reactor on chest (white light, battery operated) 

              Metallic dark gray, silver and red armor with distinctive flame patterns on legs

              Interchangeable forearm rocket-launching armor

              Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable palms including:                                      

              One (1) pair of palms with movable fingers and light-up repulsors

(white light, battery operated)                                                                                                           

              One (1) pair of fists  

              One (1) pair of repulsor palms   

              One (1) saluting right palm

              Articulations on waist armor which allow flexible movement                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


              One (1) LED light-up figure stand with movie logo (white light, battery operated)


This figure is expected to ship in January.  The other Hot Toys Toy Soul 2014 exclusive, the Shadow Stormtrooper, sold out in a few hours, so don’t make that mistake and miss out on this rare chance to add the Hot Rod armor to your collection!  Pre-order now at Sideshow Collectibles site!





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