Marvelicious Cyber Monday Savings for Marvel Collectors!

Marvel Legends, LEGO, Hulk Hands, and more!



Cyber Monday is here and finally Marvel toy collectors have some serious savings to consider!  The best deals right now come from Amazon, but Walmart and Entertainment Earth are also in on the game.  

Check out the biggest deals below!


Today’s best deal is clearly the Marvel Legends Infinity Gauntlet, a $100 collectible that Amazon has 52% off today! You can get it for $47.99 shipped!

Now Entertainment Earth has the Infinity Gauntlet as a Doorbuster, starting today at 10 am PT/1 pm ET. Can they beat Amazon’s price? Check back at that time!

Plus, the AMAZON EXCLUSIVE Legends Electronic Sentinel with Wolverine figure is 15% off, down to $84.59.  This set was really hard to get when it first was released. Grab one or two now at a discount!

Amazon has the Legends Black Widow with Motorcycle set at just $13.97. That’s a lot less than a regular Legends figure, let alone one with the motorcycle!

Walmart has a bunch of older Marvel Legends figures as low as $6.89, but for me there are two standout bargains.  Hasbro’s 12-inch Deadpool Legends is only $18.97! And a niche favorite of mine, the Black Panther “Rhino Vehicle”, a Walmart exclusive normally $20, is down to $3.98!  With the Rhinos being such a big part of that film’s climax, and being pretty close to scale with 6-inch Legends figures, I had to have a few of those. has free shipping on orders over $35, or you can get free shipping by using Ship-to-Store.

Speaking of Legends figures, EE has the MCU 10th Anniversary collection Ronin figure or 25% off, just $18.79.

Meanwhile, Amazon has the 10th Anniversary Iron Man 3 set with Iron Man Mark XXII, Pepper Potts, and Mandarin (Trevor) figures 36% off, just $44.99 today only



Amazon also has the kid-focused Shockstrike Miles Morales toy from Into the Spiderverse a whopping 69% off–down to just $15.59!

Also kid-focused, the Infinity War 33-inch Hulkbuster Ultimate Figure HQ playset is 30% off, down to $55.99 from its usual $80. 

And in the Playskool Heroes line, that Iron Man HQ Playset (which is huge) is over 1/3 off, down to $38.39.  The Spider-Man Web-Quarters playset is half off, for just $14.98.

You can also get a 10-figure Ultimate Super Hero Set of figures for those sets for $18.90, down from its usual $30.  That set includes Nick Fury, Vision, Captain America, Hawkeye, Ultron, Black Widow, and others.

In the Titan hero line, the Into the Spider-Verse Miles Morales is down to $5.06

Finally — everyone loves some Hulk Hands (I know I do!).  Get a set now for 70% off–just $5.97


From Spider-Man: Homecoming, the ATM Heist Battle Kit is over 20% off, marked down to $15.83

Also from Homecoming, the Beware the Vulture set is 1/3 off, down to $26.99

Then the LEGO Infinity War Sanctum Santorum set, normally $100, is 35% off–$65.09 today only.

Also from IW, the Corvus Glaive Thrasher Attack set with 5 mini-figures is 30% off, down to $27.99

The Infinity War Hulkbuster Smash-Up set is 20% off, down to $23.99

Thor’s Weapon Quest 223 Piece set is 20% off, just $15.99

For smaller sets, the Infinity War Outrider Dropship Attack set with Captain America, Black Widow, and 2 Outrider mini-figures is 20% off, down to $11.99

And the Thanos Ultimate Battle building kit with the Guardians of the Galaxy’s starship is 20% off, down to $56.00

For younger builders, the Duplo Spider-Man vs Scorpion Street Showdown set is 20% off, down to $15.99

Lastly, the Iron Man Mr. Potato Head in Classic Scale is 1/3 off, just $9.99 today at Amazon.


From Spider-Man: Homecoming, the Official Spider-Drone by Sky Viper is 30% off, just $19.97 (but warning: That thing is hard to fly!)

For the more high-end collector, Amazon has the S.H. Figuarts Spider-Man: Homecoming figure with wall for 7% off, down to $92.91

Finally, the Infinity War playing card deck, with linen-type finish cards, is 14% off, marked down to $7.49


Got a deal we didn’t list here? E-mail us at and let us know about it!  

Finally, if you’re a Marvelicious Toys listener, you may want to know about the Cyber Monday deal our sister podcast Now Playing Podcast is having right now — for just the next 18 hours!

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