Vol 2, Ep 19: San Diego Nada Con

Welcome to the Hellfire Club! Membership dues are steep.

One of the greatest things about being a collector is the sense of community had with other collectors. Facebook groups, site forums, Twitter, and more has brought collectors together to talk toys and more, but there’s truly no substitute for a massive gathering of fans and friends like that had every year at San Diego Comic-Con.

Except this year.

With no mass gathering in San Diego toy companies took to the internet to announce, and put up for order, the latest Marvel toys.

On this Marvelicious Toys podcast, join Marjorie, Arnie, and Captain Justin look at the announcements from Hasbro, Hot Toys, and more!

We also look at the soon to be released (ever to be released?) New Mutants movie and the first scenes revealed in their Comic-Con International panel.

Plus – Marvel’s Avengers beta is out for X-Box One and PS4. It’s been sold as the next major event game from Marvel, the successor to the smash PS4 hit Marvel’s Spider-Man. Yet the development company is different, as is the game’s entire goal. How does it play? Arnie gives the rundown in this issue of the Marvelicious Toys podcast!

Watch the video podcast now:

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