Hasbro Starts Toy Fair One Day Early with Spider-Man: Far From Home Toy Announcement

Hasbro beat Toy Fair to the punch!

One day before Toy Fair officially opens and Hasbro has their brand event preview party, our friends at Hasbro sent out a first look at some of the toys they are releasing for the upcoming Spider-Man movie Far From Home.

Now these role-play items and electronic figures may not be for every collector, but this virtually guarantees a reveal of some Marvel Legends and other collector-focused Far From Home toys.

The Web Gear Spider-Man Figure will be out this Spring, $29.99 and no features were listed.

The Web Burst Blaster is $19.99, out this Spring, and allows kids to shoot web fluid or water.

And out this Fall is the $29.99 Web Cyclone Blaster. It can also shoot water or web fluid and allow kids to “swirl webs like SPIDER-MAN”.

And our Marvelicious Toys hosts are Far From Home themselves, in NYC to bring you all the news from Toy Fair International. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest information!

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