Vol 2, Ep 13: Marvelicious Toys’ Big Build-A-Figure Show!

Marvelicious Toys Volume 2, Episode 13

As the 2010s come to a close many take this time to reflect on the past. For Marvel collectors it’s been a CRAZY decade! In 2010 Hasbro was hardly making any Marvel Legends figures, choosing to focus on their 3.75″ Marvel Universe line. That changed in 2012 with the rebirth of Marvel Legends, and an explosion of figures.

One of the hallmarks of the Marvel Legends line is its Build-A-Figure concept: buy all the figures to build another, usually much larger, figure. It started with Toybiz in 2002, and continues to this day.

Watch this episode of Marvelicious Toys to revisit the Build-A-Figures of the past, with a specific focus on Hasbro’s releases. From Annihilus to Bro Thor, and every single one in between–it’s all in this special Marvelicious Toys!

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