Daily Figure Review #2: Picnic Rogue (Custom Marvel Legends Figure)

Another pull as I rearrange the collection—a custom “picnic” Rogue figure. (I bought it on eBay; the awesome artist who made it is unknown)

I love this as a comics-accurate figure Hasbro would never make (though Diamond Select did make a statue of this outfit). It was by Jim Lee in X-Men #8 (1991)

This custom has amazing sculpted hair, a complete comic-accurate outfit, and has good balance to stand on its own. The paint is the true selling point, though, as the artist gave Rogue green eye shadow and even red-painted toenails. I doubt Hasbro could do better than this custom figure.

Of course, like most custom figures, the paint app is a bit fragile so I don’t dare pose her too extreme. And the feet are so small there are no peg holes to use my figure stands with. Fortunately, she stands well on her own and I can stand her without assistance.

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