Daily Figure Review #15: Storm (X-Men ’97 Wave 2023) Marvel Legends

Today’s new figure added to the shelf: X-Men ‘97 Storm.

This is a great-looking figure. The paint lines are clean. The white of the outfit is appropriately bright, and the yellow belt and red-and-black X-logos really provide nice accents. It was a great design to begin with, and Hasbro did it justice in this figure. I also am a fan of the mohawk hairstyle the figure sports.

We also get two sets of hands for Storm–fist hands and open “call the lightning” hands.

If I have a complaint about the figure, though, it’s the cape. I’m not a fan of soft goods on Legends, and this one has especially chunky stitching at the wrist. The cape isn’t all bad; the yellow stripes on the cape perfectly match the yellow on the figure. It doesn’t look bad, except at the wrist. Also, the limpness of the cape makes me prefer the sculpted capes we’ve had on so many other Legends figures.

Overall, another solid figure in this X-citing X-Men ’97 wave.

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