Daily Figure Review #22: Gamerverse Spider-Man (GameStop Exclusive, 2018) Marvel Legends

With today being the release of Spider-Man 2 for the PS5 there’s only one figure I could spotlight today: the 2018 GameStop exclusive PS4 Spider-Man Marvel Legends figure.

It’s a great figure and still much desired by collectors (the recent PS5 version had too light a blue on the suit to be a good replacement). This figure now sells for around $100 on eBay, showing that there’s lots of love for this five-year-old Legend.

The figure’s paint is superb. The colors really pop and feel accurate to the game’s primary suit design.

In terms of accessories, Spider-Man comes with four hands and two web-lines. I’ve never had much luck posing figures with the web-lines so into a baggie they go, but I do like the option of Spider-Man having either “thwip” hands or fists.

I have had a lot of fun posing him and trying to decide how to keep him on my toy shelf.

And now—off to play Spider-Man 2! Happy gaming!

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