Daily Figure Review #51: Sabretooth (2022 Bonebreaker Wave) Marvel Legends

Today’s figure added to the shelf is another Ross find for $6, Sabretooth from the Bonebreaker Build-A-Figure wave.

This figure comes with a lot of Bonebreaker accessories, leaving the figure with none. No interchangeable hands, no alternate head…what you see is what you get with this Sabretooth.

And the figure is rather small for Sabretooth. The Legends team said this is based on his first appearance, where he was drawn with more normal proportions than later artists would design. The result is a slimmer, shorter Sabretooth than I’ve become accustomed to, and he just doesn’t feel big enough of a figure. Still, early designs are worthy designs, so just because this doesn’t meet my expectations doesn’t necessarily make it a bad design choice. The boot fur does make it look like Sabretooth is wearing his Uggs for winter, though.

The articulation on this figure is decent without being exceptional. You get ab-crunch, double-jointed knees, ankle rockers, and such. I would have enjoyed a forearm swivel, but alas, we just have the standard wrist articulation.

The paint apps are decent, and I appreciate that they bothered to put a subtle wash on Sabretooth’s neck fur.

It’s a decent figure without being exceptional. I think the upcoming Sabretooth from the Wolverine 2-pack will make this figure obsolete in my collection, save that it represents a more ’70s design for the character.

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