Daily Figure Review #53: Bonebreaker Build-A-Figure (2022) Marvel Legends

After reviewing all the figures in the Bonebreaker wave, I finally get to the big boy himself.

Before I get to the review, I will say the diagram on the back of the figure boxes wasn’t sufficient for me to build Bonebreaker easily. Some of the parts, especially the back flap, took me a while to figure out where they went. So for anyone else having problems, I put together this quick instructional video on how to build this figure:

Now to the proper review:

First off, apart from anything else, Bonebreaker is just a fun toy. Who doesn’t love the idea of a guy with a tank for legs? (In Greek mythology would he be called a minotank?) He’s a big, chunky toy with a lot of sculpting detail on the various tank parts. Indeed, I can’t see how Hasbro can reuse most of these parts for any other character, so seeing all this newness here is wonderful.

But what the tank gains in sculpting, it loses in paint. Most of the tank is just plain olive-green plastic with no paint wash to add depth. Same on the tank treads and wheels, just a gray plastic. That is a minor gripe, though, as there are painted headlights and enough accessories of different colors that this feels like a higher-end figure. The tank is big enough that Bonebreaker stands almost as tall as a normal Legends figure, perhaps just a head shorter than most.

Being a tank, there’s no articulation on Bonebreaker below the waist, save for the tiny tank gun on the front, which can move slightly on a ball hinge.

Above the waist, Bonebreaker keeps the fun going. You have a pretty standard torso and arms, and he comes with two sets of hands – gripper hands that can hold his gun, and fists.

For me, the best part of this figure is the head sculpt. The face is posed in this gleeful, open-mouthed smile like Bonebreaker is having the time of his life blowing up whatever is in front of him. Add the white mohawk, and this character really takes me back to the ’80s Australian Mad Max style of character.

Also, his sunglasses are articulated. You can remove them, but it leaves ugly peg holes in the head, so it’s best to either lift them to Bonebreaker’s forehead (my preferred method of display) or keep them over his eyes.

While a lesser-known character from the X-Men roster, Bonebreaker makes an awesome figure. Kudos to the Hasbro team for making him, even if his entire wave of figures did end up at close-out retailers across the US.

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