New Podcast: Issue 114: Captain America — [BLEEP] Yeah!

Did you see Captain America: The Winter Soldier last weekend? Along with Cap, Black Widow, and Nick Fury, new screen hero The Falcon spread his wings and showed he has the right stuff to be an Avenger! But Marvel toy collectors who want their favorite flying Falcon in figure form won’t find him in 6-inches, Hasbro has only made that figure in the smaller 3.75-inch Captain America movie line. On this week’s show Marjore, Arnie, and special guest host Jerry look at the first two waves of Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie figures. From Cap to Falcon, Winter Soldier, and Red Skull, are these kids toys or great collector items? Listen to find out!Plus we’re barely off Captain America when the hype hits hard for the next Marvel superhero hitting the big screen: The Amazing Spider-Man 2! On this show the hosts also review that movie’s 3.75-inch figure line with a light-up Electro and a tangled web of Spider-Man costumes.With a look at Hot Toys’ newest pre-orders, Sideshow’s Hulking entries in the Premium Format Figure line, and the one-of-a-kind Phoenix Five Cyclops Marvel Legends figure that sold for over $1,000 on eBay, we run down all the latest Marvel toy news on this issue of Marvelicious Toys!Note: This podcast is 100% spoiler free. There are no Captain America: The Winter Soldier spoilers, so feel free to listen! If you have seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier hear Arnie’s full review at

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