Pre-Order Alert: Sideshow Collectibles’ Exclusive Jean Gray Premium Format Figure

300173-jean-grey-001Perhaps the thing I like most about Sideshow Collectibles’ recent Premium Format Figures based on Marvel Comics characters is their ability to create sets.   Initially Sideshow would put out some of Marvel’s most popular characters.  After the “new” of the license wore off, however, the fine folks at Sideshow have endeavored to create groups of figures where a fan could buy the one character they like most, or buy entire sets to collect a team.  They’ve done this with their quarter-scale statues from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they’ve done this with their comic-based Avengers, and they’ve done it with the X-Men.  Now, continuing to deepen the roster of X-Men characters comes their exclusive Jean Grey Premium Format Figure.

For fans of this founding member of the X-Men (and the original lone female character) this is an awesome standalone piece.  18-inches tall this statue shows Jean in her 90s yellow and blue outfit.  Plus the exclusive edition has a swap-out head that shows her hair in the ponytail as seen in the animated TV series.

But that nod to the cartoon shows that Sideshow is savvy with their selection of characters.  Previous X-Men figures Cyclops, Gambit, and Psylocke come with the matching “X” base allowing for a unified display.  However their previous exclusive Rogue Premium Format really shows their commitment to the 1990s cartoon, as that figure also had an exclusive head to resemble her cartoon appearance.  (Strangely, however, Sideshow’s Storm Premium Format Figure focused on her more revealing outfit and a stone base, making her the one X-Man star the 90s cartoon to not get a figure from Sideshow totally different than her animated appearance).

The exclusive Rogue goes for $800-$1000 on eBay.  While it seems there are more fans of Rogue than Jean Gray (at least in her non-Phoenix attire) there’s no doubt the Sideshow exclusive version will sell fast and cost more on the secondary market.  So don’t hesitate–place your order now at Sideshow Collectibles!


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