New Podcast: Issue 120: Guardians of the Podcast

Excitement is building for the Guardians of the Galaxy — Marvel Studios’ next cinematic adaptation of Marvel Universe superheroes. Trailers have raised awareness of rogue space criminals Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon. Now the toys are starting to hit stores, including the collector-focused Marvel Legends figures! Join Justin, Marjorie, and Arnie on this issue of the Marvelicious Toys podcast to hear their in-depth reviews of these five movie-based figures, as well as the comic based Iron Man and Nova figures.

Also on this show we look at Disney Infinity 2.0, the Marvel Universe installment. With characters like Captain America and Venom coming out as figures that unlock playable characters, it’s sure to be a hit with kids. But will adult collectors be drawn into this Infinity and beyond? It’s discussed on this show.

With new, exclusive Diamond Select Toys figures, Sideshow’s Iron Man Mk 42 Maquette, Black Widow sightings at retail, and more, it’s all right now in the new Marvelicious Toys podcast!


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